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Theological Meme!

The Strong Atheist
You are 86% Atheist.

Strong Atheists, unlike agnostics, believe that there is no God. They
tend to reason that because one does not suspend doubt when proclaiming
the unprovable nonexistence of other things (like centaurs, elves,
invisible pink unicorns, etc.), one need not suspend doubt when stating
the nonexistence of God, either. Obviously, one cannot prove the
nonexistence of something that doesn't imply a logical contradiction.
We cannot prove without a doubt that centaurs do not exist, because
they may exist somewhere in another universe that we haven't observed
or explored yet. Yet we deny the existence of centaurs simply because
we have no evidence for their existence. The burden of proof rests on
the person making the claim of existence. Therefore, if that burden is
not met, the default belief to hold is that of nonexistence. We should
not believe centaurs exist on some distant planet until we are given
reason to suspect so.
This is where strong atheists differ from the weak variety. They hold
that even though God's existence cannot be totally disproven, it is
still feasible to state that he does not exist with relative certainty
because we do this every day with other things.
Another key thing to note with strong atheists is that they often
disbelieve in God with FULL certainty simply because certain stated
qualities of a deity may imply a logical contradiction. For example, if
someone says a being incapable of evil created an evil world, it
becomes quite clear that this being could not possibly exist, and thus
the disbeliever has a POSITIVE disbelief in this specific entity. Many
who would profess themselves to be "weak atheists" in general would
consider themselves "strong atheists" in regards to Gods given specific
qualities like "all-loving", "omnipotent", and so on, if these
qualities were to conflict with each other or imply a

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 1% on Atheism Points
Link: The Atheism Test written by Saint_Gasoline on Ok Cupid
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