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Bond with Bananas

a_steep_hill has an written an interesting and rather alarming summary of the current state of oil prices and what it might mean, a topic that I must admit to being rather pessimistic about.

In Lighter News...

Now there is a rumor floating around that the search for a new James Bond is over, and that Brosnan will, in actuality, be returning for a fifth (and possibly sixth) entry in the series. This is getting way out of hand. There were also rumors that Clive Owen had been approached for the role, rumors that he himself had denied (a shame, 'cause he would make a great fucking Bond), and there was some no-name Scottish soap actor that was being talked about as well.

This movie came out on DVD today, so this is kind of topical. Rent it if you like your humor really exceedingly dry but truthful. And while the entire cast is really good, Paul Giamatti is outstanding.

Movie Quote of the Week



Okay, so what's the plan?

Uh... the plan is... you go.


'Cause of my ankle. Still hurts. Just go explain the situation, Miles.

Miles laughs uproariously.

Explain the situation? Yes. 'Excuse me, sir, my friend was the one balling your wife couple of hours ago. Really sorry. He seems to have left his wallet behind. I was wondering if I come in, just poke around, I don't know'

Yeah, yeah, just like that. That's good.

I have the printer running and have finally gotten to send out the first of the packages that I had meant to in the first place. If I owe you a package (or you'd like one), e-mail me. I know I definitely owe waystone a ton of stuff.
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