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A Different Type of Schooling

Today and yesterday I had to come into the orifice in order to take a five mandatory "Net-Learn" computer-based courses. I now have certificates in Diversity: What Employees Should Know, Workplace Diversity, Getting Past Clashes: Valuing Team Diversity, What Is Sexual Harassment? and Around the World in 80 Cultures. The actual course-taking process was pretty nifty, but some of the questions and areas that were covered were annoying. Workplace Diversity was particularly offensive, paying lip service to equality while reinforcing many institutional social and racial stereotypes.

I am actually considering filing a grievance for having had to take this course.

Well, I'm done with them now, and hopefully I won't have to do any more anytime soon. While the software involved was rather nice, the computers here in the orifice are lousy, so the tests would periodically freeze up.

And the coffee up here is horrible.

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