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Somebody Got There First / Ode To books

My parents and brother did the Lord of the Rings marathon before I got the chance to. They watched the extended version of Fellowship and The Two Towers yesterday while I was at work and at Paul Berliner's yesterday.

The rub of it is, they had the original 2 disc set of Fellowship and haven't gotten Two Towers yet. They were watching my copies.

How petty of me...

Paul's soiree was very nice. It was extremely low-key, but he and Jessica's culinary expertise was in great abundance. I have a new definition for deviled eggs.

Although I have always been somewhat aware of this, it never strikes me as odd that I know people who don't read, who actually think it is odd that a person reads as much as I do.

Of course, one of those people attempted to ask my opinion on some philosophical/metaphysical/theological points a few days ago and had a real problem with many of my answers. Not so much that he couldn't understand them (he could, once I explained myself) but that I would be able to back them up.

I pointed out to him that this was the advantage of reading, that one can learn and understand alternative points of view, different philosophies, cultural differences, sociopolitical movements, biological imperatives, physical realities and so on.

The bulk of what I read is science-fiction, which I will grant has a tendency to be somewhat deeper in thematic concerns than many other forms of literature. As a result, I am often dealing with a character's theological crisis, a social structure that is very different from our own, a species with a fundamental difference from humanity, alternate realities where the laws of physics are different and the changes in culture this brings about and so on.

As a result, I have some very strong opinions on certain subjects that never come up in most people's lives. I certainly don't have much inhibition in making them known, either. But I attribute any horizons of mine that are broader than my personal experience to my interest in the written word.
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