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More Mix CDs.

I returned home after having been at my parents' house for a few days while they went to Massachussets. Although their sound system is quite outdated, it was nice to have all that space to myself for a little while. I also liked having Willie all to myself. I miss having dogs and cats around.

Anyway, the first thing I did upon my return home was turn on the air conditioner. Then I turned on the computer and set to work.

I recently recieved a package containing several CDs, one of which, the score from X2, the editing of which has been the subject of several previous posts. Also contained in the package was the complete score for Heavy Metal by Elmer Bernstein. Although the sound quality is nowhere near as good as the LP I have, it is significantly better than a previous CD I had. I finished off a project that I had been working on for a while, and made the third disc of my Fantasy Epics set.

I also gathered together my collection and produced a two-disc set called Four Color Heroes: From Comic Book To Silver Screen.

Both feature extended symphonic suites from various film scores; like Fantasy Epics, Four Color Heroes is going to be a three disc set, but plays well on its own. Each suite consists of uninterrupted music, although the individual tracks are separately indexed for ease.

Fantasy Epics

Volume One (80:26)
01 - 07 TREVOR JONES: The Dark Crystal (17:49)
08 - 10 DAVID WHITAKER: The Sword and the Sorcerer (9:39)
11 - 16 ALEX NORTH: Dragonslayer (15:54)
17 - 21 MICHAEL KAMEN: Highlander (13:05) Contains "Who Wants To Live Forever" Written by Brian May
22 - 28 LAURENCE ROSENTHAL: Clash Of the Titans (14:38)
29 - 30 RANDY EDELMAN: Dragonheart (6:20)

Volume Two (80:29)
01 - 06 BASIL POLEDOURIS: Conan the Barbarian (18:17)
07 - 11 MARK McKENZIE: Warlock- The Armageddon (13:27)
12 - 13 ENNIO MORRICONE: Red Sonja (4:06)
14 - 18 LEE HOLDRIDGE: The Beastmaster (11:20)
19 - 21 TREVOR JONES: Excalibur (5:46)
22 - 28 JERRY GOLDSMITH: Legend (27:14)

Volume Three (80:39)
01 - 07 ELMER BERNSTEIN: Heavy Metal (11:58)
08 - 14 JAMES HORNER: Krull (27:14)
15 - 20 JOHN WILLIAMS: Hook (23:10)
21 - 25 JERRY GOLDSMITH: The Mummy (18:00)

FOUR COLOR HEROES: From Comic Book To Silver Screen

Disc One (79:05)
01 - 09 JOHN WILLIAMS: Superman- The Movie (32:06)
10 - 14 DANNY ELFMAN: Spider-Man (11:42)
15 - 24 MICHAEL KAMEN: X-Men (12:33)
25 - 27 GRAEME REVELL: Daredevil (6:46)
28 - 33 DANNY ELFMAN: Dick Tracy (12:14)

Disc Two (80:45)
01 - 08 DANNY ELFMAN: Batman (20:55) Contains "Scandalous" Written by Prince and John L. Nelson
09 - 13 JERRY GOLDSMITH: Supergirl (16:19)
14 - 16 ALAN SILVESTRI: Judge Dredd (10:19)
17 - 28 JOHN OTTMAN: X2 (29:54)
---- 29 DANNY ELFMAN: Batman Returns (5:36)

What struck me most about these compilations was how much great music has been written for films which may be not so good or nondescript. It has long been a running guffaw among film music aficionados that many of Jerry Goldsmith's best scores are for some of his lousiest films.

In this particular case, both sets deal with genres of film that rely heavily on their scores. As a result, the music is often very detailed and center-stage. It makes for some great mixes, but the track list shows that some movies about which the best memories may be the scores.
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