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Why get in line if you don't want to wait?

Okay, this has gotten way out of hand. It's quite obvious even to the casual observer that all of these problems are the product of sabotage. There's no way that the 7 can have four huge service-halting issues in as many weeks, not after so many years of relatively decent service. Furthermore, the Lexington Avenue lines keep getting delayed for various reasons.

I don't know if this is a job action or not. It doesn't feel like one, but it is consistent with the type of shit that has been going on with the subway these past few months.

"Um... what did I do again?"

Too Wholesome for My Taste

How low has our society sunk when it's big news that a married pop star is pregnant by her husband? Rock music is supposed to be loose, for Pete's sake! The story of a band should be like that of Fleetwood Mac, not something like "conservative bimbo warbles a few innocuous tunes, shakes her ass in some videos, lies about being a virgin, gets married and then gets pregnant." There's no tension there. It's boring, and rock isn't supposed to be boring. Yet it's all over every fargin' paper today.

Just a friendly reminder.

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