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Cool Stuff Coming!!!

It's a stupid movie, but Lalo Schifrin's score is fantastic fun! There's even a scene where the cavemen "discover" music. This will be available in June, with pre-orders at the Screen Archives website available mid-May. This is gonna be awesome.

A shorter wait on this puppy, being available May 3... and ooh, this is sounding good. I haven't heard anything from the album itself, but the response it's been getting from the staff at Film Score Monthly (Jeff Bond in particular - who is writing the book on Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings scores, so you know how I feel about him!) is making my mouth water. While I fully expect to realize two weeks after I've seen the film that it actually sucked monkey nuts, the score ought to be phenomenal. Everybody who's heard it is creaming their jeans, so...
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