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Back at work... the real world... yuck.

After I held Sally for the first time, I posted my surprise that I had nothing twistedly flippant to say. I was just at a complete loss for acidity. Of course, the reason for this is pretty easy to understand; like most misanthropic bastards, I'm suceptible to violent attacks of sentimentality. The line between idealism and cynicism is very fine one (in fact, I believe it is impossible to truly be the latter without at least once having been the former).

Anyway, Patsy and Sally comes home today for the first time. The reason why I ended up with Tim's car last night was because I was enlisted to help him pick the place up a bit before "the girls" come home, and his work/daddy schedule of the past few days left him too exhausted to drive me home. I am inclined to bring it back earlier rather than later not so much for their convenience (Patsy ain't driving anywhere anytime soon and Tim has her car) but simply to see Sally in all of the baby stuff that we've spent months slaving over the building of. Okay, it's really just simply to see Sally, fuck you.

"Yeah, baby!"

On the way to Tim's apartment yesterday we got caught in traffic. "God hates me," Tim lamented, as he is wont to do. I wondered out loud if it was more comforting to believe in a diety that hates you or not to believe in one at all. Tim said that it was nice to know that he's so important that God would take time out of his busy schedule specifically to fuck with him.

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