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Hardee har har...

I wasn't going to take this at all because it asked for my astrological sign (and as I've said before, people who are into astrology just need to fucking die), but on suitboyskin's results, it said that I sold LSD to children. I was so honored that I had to...

The Hippie Commune by freckles42
zodiac sign
reason for joining the commune
creepy but harmless leaderdawn_pillsbury
insists on running around nakedwaystone
conceptual artistdawn_pillsbury
refuses to work in the garden, walks round barefootmrhinelander
tries to start a tantric sex groupmike_kenshin
hugs trees and gets poison oakojosmarrones
holds a grudge against the governmentsatyrninus
tries to convert everyone from the insideaerolyndt
sells LSD to babiessuitboyskin
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hey, waystone, have you noticed that you always end up with the most provocative position when I take these?

Tim, Patsy and I took Her Royal Cuteness to a shindig of Patsy's family's today. Tim and I need to recover.
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