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An Unpleasant Year

Well, I just got through being 28, and, frankly, it sucked ass.

With the exception of my car (which will hopefully be back in the next week), I really came away from it with much less than I went into it.

The year in brief:
My car broke down twice.
I lost my main source of income.
I was involved with a psycho hose beast.
My car broke down in a suburb of Boston.
One of my best friends and I are having something of a tiff.

That's not to say that good things didn't happen. Some did. The screenplay I am working on with Suit, for example. Going back to school. The Two Towers and X2, plus all the movies I saw while I was out of work.

Nevertheless, I had a great year before, so I'm hoping this one will make up for this one. Karma owes me, I would think.
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