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Notes on the virility of the Great Pumpkin

Late, Great Update of Grate Slate Fate. No, still no mate. Need better bait.

Leading Experts Agree...

While certainly not as environmentally concious as a_steep_hill, I do have certain areas of expertise, and I'm happy to say that it came in handy as megthelegend needed some important information regarding the proper care of her sink.

Driving Out of the Woods

I got my state tax return the day before yesterday, and yesterday I put a down-payment on a car. I've taken care of all of the insurance and whatnot already (the internet rocks), and I just need to get a cashier's check from my bank today to go pick it up. This means that I have to name her, so if anybody has any ideas, let me know. I was debating getting a new car or another used, but there were too many expenses involved in getting a new one, so I just settled for another used one. I did drive this car and she handled beautifully.

Just in time for Greek Easter.


suitboyskin, I found "Journey to Babel" and... you're gonna love this... "Day of the Dove!"
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