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Only a fool fights in a burning house.

Seasonal Snack

As I've indicated earlier, I find theology to be bogus, but I've always enjoyed Pesach. The fact of the matter is that, in addition to the seder itself (where it is required by Jewish law that you get drunk), there is also the appearance of foods that you don't have other times of the year.

Now, I don't keep kosher, much less Pesadic (I don't see the point). However, there are several pleasures that matzoh can bring, the most apparent being matzoh ball soup (if the matzoh balls are nice and firm... when I put it that way, it just sounds so suggestive! Anyway, soft and fluffy matzoh balls are for pussies). There is also matzoh bry, which I haven't had this year (this afternoon!).

The easiest thing to do with matzoh, though, is to melt some cheese on it. Mozzarella works well, meunster is even better. This morning I used Jarlsberg. It's the sort of thing a kid can do in a toaster oven, which is how I started doing it. When I got older, I started adding roasted red peppers, too.

Orthodox Cookout

Speaking of non-Kosher foods, I'm looking forward to Swarthy People's Easter over at the Greek side of Tim's family this Sunday.

D.J. Buckler

For Tim's wedding reception, he wanted the wedding party to enter the room to the click-clacking typewriter adaptation of Ary Barossa's "Brazil" that opens the scene in the clerk's pool from the Terry Gilliam film of the same name (see gilliamfilms for more on Brazil). He required the one and a half minute piece to be stretched out to around eight minutes, so naturally I was enlisted to do the job (and I am still proud of that edit, may I just say).

Similarly, for the candle-lighting ceremony at Zach's Bar Mitzvah, my mother wanted to assign individual "themes" to each person/group that comes up to light a candle. We had to compile several tracks together and supplement them with additional material... and now it's my job to edit each track down to one minute, ten seconds.

This is gonna be fun.
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