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We shall say "Ni" again to you again if you do not appease us...

I will be putting my Sony stereo in next week I think. At the moment there is just a regular stock CD player, which is decent (I put a bunch of my mixes in the car last night and this morning). I won't have to replace the speakers, they sound great. I plan to drill a hole in the back of the hollow underneath the stereo and extend the auxiliary input there so I can plug in my Nomad, Raz can plug in his MiniDisc player and Tim can be told he can't plug his iPod into.

The Bronze Mist has ABS brakes, which means that I have to adjust how much pressure I put on the pedal. It was a lot of fun to feel out the car last night. All I had to listen to on the way home were the two Bob Marley compilations I borrowed (nicked) from my stepfather (I'll bring them back soon enough, I have most of the Marley catalog on my Nomad).

In what may be percieved by several of my Island friends as a bold move, I have decreed that this vehicle is a non-smoking car. I let people smoke in The Zen Room, and while the stench didn't really stick, it was still annoying for like an hour after a smoker got out of the car. So, sorry folks, there are no cigarettes in The Bronze Mist.

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