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Farewell and adieu to you old Jewish ladies...

The Bar Mitzvah is complete and Zach was great. He is so relieved, it's palpable.


There is a newer custom that has cropped up in the time since my own Bar Mitzvah in which the parents come up and give a little speech. This tends to get very emotional for the parents, and so Mom and Steve got up and said their pieces and cried.

My grandfather was as happy as a pig in shit watching his grandson be Bar Mitzvahed.

Zach is made uncomfortable having to deal with all of the old zombies that show up only for Bar Mitzvahs to tweak his cheek and drone on about how much he's grown, the last time they saw him was when he was yay high... these people need to learn that such behavior is not becoming, and only ends up classifying themselves as old farts.

Now we all take a brief respite, during which Mom is going to get her hair done. I've changed into regular clothes until the time for the reception comes, for which I don my tuxedo. I was originally going to work on decorating the reception hall, but the guy who is handling it was mostly finished by the time the service was over. It looks great.

...and, of course, all of the family's political bullshit is playing itself out for my amusement. My uncle's estranged daughter showed up to his extreme consternation, as he had no idea that she would be coming. That was great fun. The best part about it is that he can't say anything about it to his parents.
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