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Bar Mitzvah Update

The Starers (in-laws) didn't show up until, like, an hour and a half late, thus proving Mom's contention all these years that everything absolutely has to be the the Myra (mother-in-law) and Rhonda (sister-in-law) show. Of course, Steven is the only person that doesn't see this (it is painfully obvious to all but him), but their appearance way too late, causing the Starer side family photos to be taken with great difficulty - see, it involved extraction of many people, including yours truly - from various social situations.

With the exception of some retardeness that Uncle David is responsible for (he sent his gremlin sons over to where Zach was sitting), the party was a resounding success, with even my mother's most vocal critics admitting that everybody had great fun.

Unfortunately, my crew had to vacate the premesis too soon for dinner to be served, but I got myself totally and comletely wasted. So, I might add, did my Mom, which I like to think I had something to do with.
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