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Get out of my way because you know that I am totally wasted....

You know you've had an evening to remember when your combat prowess with inflatable dolphins became a factor at some point. That I can't remember how or why, or even who I was battling (I think my uncle Kevin was in there somewhere) only shows how much more of an evening of note it was.

Yes waystone, the lapse of clear memory is exactly what makes this night memorable. Don't try to figure it out, it simply is in the same way that Mount Everest is snd Alma Cogan isn't.


My parents and I were left with a ton of food that we can never get rid of. Among these delicacies was Zach's cake, which nobody at the reception seemed to partake of, and I can understand why. It was a large, flat sheet cake with a sculpture of the Torah on it. It didn't look any more appetizing than any other sheet cake.

After the reception, I headed over to Lenny's house, and, being charged with getting rid of the Bar Mitzvah cake, bringing the it with me. The rather stunning discovery was made that it was a cake primarily of marzipan, and was quite delicious. However, the few of us remaining to eat the cake itself were not enough to finish it, so we did what any red-blooded American does with a huge cake nobody is going to eat.

We left it in front of a crackhead's house.

Y'all think I'm joking, too.
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