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Pics 'N' Stuff

Mom spent most of this year putting together the decor for Zach's Bar Mitzvah reception. She searched the wide expanses of Long Island's strip malls and swam the vast seas of the internet looking for items that she could use to fit the Atlantis theme. As D-Day approached, Steven took it upon himself to document the proceedings. His album can be found on Yahoo. Updates will be posted as more photos are uploaded.

Ecological Awareness

I spoke to suitboyskin about Ecology today, and as I was speaking to him it occurred to me that with the Bar Mitzvah done and so much of my schoolwork out of the way, there was a lot less on my mind interfering with that process. That said, I think that it was the stimulation of these past few months that fired me up creatively for it. It's an irony that makes sense in its own way...
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