December 8th, 2003

Led Zeppelin


My winning disc:

A Led Zeppelin Collection

Custard Pie (Physical Graffiti) 4:13
Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman) (Led Zeppelin II) 2:39
Royal Orleans (Presence) 2:59
Trampled Under Foot (Physical Graffiti) 5:36
When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin IV) 7:07
Out On the Tiles (Led Zeppelin III) 4:06
Sick Again (Physical Graffiti) 4:42
Dancing Days (Houses Of the Holy) 3:41
Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin IV) 4:44
The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin II) 6:19
Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin III) 3:29
Bonzo's Monteaux (Coda) 4:18
Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin IV) 4:38
Gallows Pole (Led Zeppelin III) 4:56
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin II) 4:24
Achilles' Last Stand (Presence) 10:22

More Miscellaneous Business

"I knew I should have taken some Maalox!"

The picture and sound transfers on X2 are outstanding. The commentary tracks are entertaining, but most of the material on the second disc is pretty blah. However, there is a nice piece on John Ottman's score, which I found a lot of fun.

Here is a transcript of an interview with Howard Shore. This is one of the better interviews I've seen with him, despite the obvious problems the transcriber has (other good ones appear in Film Score Monthly when the films come out).

From my friend Paul:
Ahoy there. If I have not recently done so, please allow me to alert you to Jessica's new, snazzy, next-generation website featuring her unique line of handcrafted artsy wares. The site has recently been e-commerce enabled and I heartily implore you to pay it a visit. Her artwork may also be examined in person at the annual Young Designers Winter Showcase through 12/22, at Spring Street between Wooster and West Broadway. The event runs from 11am-8pm daily. Please also feel free to forward this to any friends that may (or even may not) have an interest in the above.

Jessica's Website
Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)


...stands for Bullshit...

"I sneezed on it, but it should still be good."

From The Daily Misleader:

In the most famous picture from his trip to Baghdad, President Bush had himself artfully photographed to look like he was serving turkey to the troops. The image was emblazoned on front pages throughout the country - and
now appears to be an entirely false depiction.

According to the Washington Post, Bush was actually holding "a decoration, not a serving plate." In other words, he was holding a prop, not real food, and thus only pretending for the cameras to be serving up the holiday meal.

The Post notes that "the foray has opened new credibility questions for a White House that has dealt with issues" like this in the past. In fact, the flap marks the second such distortion in as many days about his trip to Baghdad. Just yesterday it was revealed that the White House's tall tale of Air Force One crossing paths with a British Airways plane was entirely false.

The deceptive picture also harkens back to the controversy surrounding the President's "Mission Accomplished" banner. On May 1, he stood on the deck of the U.S.S. Lincoln in front of the giant sign and declared that "major combat operations have ended." Since that time, more troops have been killed or wounded than before he made that statement, prompting more questions about his photo-op.

When asked why he chose to stand in front of the "Mission Accomplished" banner at a press conference six months later, Bush "disavowed the background banner," saying the White House staff had nothing to do with producing it. But then Navy and administration officials admitted the President had been dishonest, saying that "the White House actually made it." White House spokesman Scott McClellan specifically said, "We took care of the production of it. We have people to do those things."

Of course, Bush's penchant for taking misleading and dishonest photos has not been confined to Iraq. In July of 2002, the President visited a low-income housing development in Atlanta to tout his commitment to funding
it. He then proposed a budget that eliminated its funding. Similarly, the President visited a Boys and Girls Club in January of 2003 to tout the organization's efforts. He said the club "has got a grand history of helping children."
Just four days after his photo-op, he proposed to cut 15% out of funding for the Boys and Girls Club.

Read the Mis-Lead

"Seig Heil"
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Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Great. Just what I always wanted.

Germany -
Despite a controversial recent history, it has had a tough and powerful history. A modern-day technological and cultural beacon, it is still target to stereotypes and antiquited thoughts.


Technologically Advanced.

Culturally Admired.

Global Power.


Target of Historical Fervor.

Constant Struggle.

Funny-Looking Ethnic Clothing.

Which Country of the World are You?
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"I mean, say what you want about the tenets of
National Socialism, Dude, but at least it's an ethos!"