October 12th, 2004

Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Eureka! This is gonna be good!

Long have I searched for a platform to aid role-playing game masters the ability to effectively "score" their gaming sessions. With a DVD ROM laptop, this DVD interface will allow someone with no knowledge of film music to be in complete control! Aha!!!
Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Another real post.

suitboyskin says he's sending me seasons 4 and 5 of Buffy (along with my car stereo) today. Excellent. And if he hasn't, I might have to go to Boston and eat him. Politely, of course (I'm no monster). But firmly. And with a lobster-and-asparagus cream sauce (I'm still experimenting in the kitchen).

"I wanted a Bud Light!!!"

aerolyndt asked how I plan to make the Game Master's DVD work for those who don't know much about film music. The answer can be found here, if you are interested. More details to follow as I work them out. Don't forget, this is a work in progress, an idea I had years ago that is only now finding a platform that it would work upon. One of the more fun elements of preparing the Game Master's Music Box (tentative title only, if anybody can think of one that is more appropriate, let me know, I am not proud, nor am I particularly pleased with that title) is that for each track and menu screen, I will have an image panel to create. I plan to cull the internet for fantasy art in order to illustrate the disc, which will have the rather pleasant side-benefit of replenishing my library of fantasy art that went kablooey back when my computer died.

If this works out, I'll come up with another one for more science-fiction oriented games.

I have, however, a much simpler plan for a stalwart ally: the Jenga DVD will contain all of the music that appeared on the Jenga mp3 CD, and probably a great deal more because of the additional capacity offered by the DVD format. For the image panels on that puppy, well... this would be a pretty large undertaking, but I've been thinking of illustrating it myself, coming up with Jenga-related pictures. I could possibly prevail upon my more visual-art oriented friends to participate in this project. We shall see.

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C'era una volta il West

Art came, Art saw, and Leone conquered. There are some films that I really enjoy showing to people if they haven't seen them, The Usual Suspects is an obvious example. I am rapidly finding that Once Upon A Time in the West seems to be qualifying for this status as well. It is worth the time it takes to watch it and the intensity of the experience to be able to be there with somebody who hasn't seen the film yet, and is experiencing it for the first time. You only get to watch the last scene between Cheyenne and Jill together once without it being profound; thereafter it takes on a meaning and dimension that it couldn't before, the result of which is a deepening of the affection one develops for Cheyenne. This is a film that benefits from repeated viewings.

Art has said that if the film were ever to be shown theatrically, he'd be down for seeing it. Raz didn't make it to the screening the other day, but he has echoed the sentiment.

Maestro Ennio Morricone

There is another aspect of Once Upon A Time in the West that is very gratifying to me, which is that it is impossible to watch the film without being aware of the music. I honestly think that while the music from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly may be marginally more entertaining, Once Upon A Time in the West was Ennio Morricone's masterpiece Western score. Like Leone's film, it has its own identity but for the first time in their collaboration, the tropes of the Old West and the Hollywood traditions were dealt with head-on through Cheyenne. The character is a representation of the Old West and is given by Morricone an almost humorous clippety-clop musical accompaniment (that said, it is quite maleable, and it's first appearance in the tavern scene is downright sinister) that serves as a counterpoint to Jill's long form elegy, itself an unusual element for one of Leone's Westerns, and Frank and Harmonica's shared, very true-to-form harmonica and electric guitar theme.

Robert Altman

I have a paper due in which I plan to delve into the work of one of my idols, Bob Altman, whose work has consistently not only engaged me, but inspired me as well. Not all of his films are perfect (Cookie's Fortune springs to mind), but the man has made more masterpieces than any single other American filmmaker except for maybe Billy Wilder (who, a case could be made, wasn't really American). Because I have turned my attention to somebody who is such a source of stimulation, I am finding myself hungry again for the creative process that suitboyskin and I shared working on Ecology. Since getting Ecology made is not a realistic goal at the moment (let me graduate and get my job back first), I feel that it makes sense to channel the urges I have to create into another script. I spoke with suitboyskin last night, expecting a hard sell, only to find that he was quite receptive. Apparently, although it manifested itself differently in his life from mine, working on Ecology was as cathartic for him as it was for me, which may be why both of us believe in it so strongly.

I tell you, I find that there is nothing in life quite like working on a project that I really believe in. I think that I am at my best when I am doing something Ecology. It makes me more analytical, which helps my schoolwork. I have a direction and goal, which keeps me motivated in all areas of my life. Of course, it helps that I was working with somebody with whom I share much in the way of aesthetic.

So, I'm psyched.
Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Oh shit, there goes the planet...

Movie Quote of the Week


Dark Helmet

Careful you idiot! I said across her nose, not up it!

Laser Gunner

Sorry sir! I'm doing my best!

Dark Helmet

Who made that man a gunner?


I did sir. He's my cousin.

Dark Helmet

Who is he?

Colonel Sandurz

He's an asshole sir.

Dark Helmet

I know that! What's his name?

Colonel Sandurz

That is his name sir. Asshole, Major Asshole!

Dark Helmet

And his cousin?

Colonel Sandurz

He's an asshole too sir. Gunner's mate First Class Philip Asshole!

Dark Helmet

How many asholes do we have on this ship, anyway?

Entire bridge crew stands up and raises a hand

Entire Bridge Crew


Dark Helmet

I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes!

Dark Helmet pulls his face shield down.
Dark Helmet

Keep firing, assholes!
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