December 15th, 2004

Burton (Mountains of the Moon)

A New Listening Experience


Main Titles - E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1:01
Composed and Conducted by
John Williams

Redfoot - The Usual Suspects 1:39
Composed by
John Ottman
Orchestra Conducted by Larry Groupé

Little Impulse - The Piano 2:08
Composed and Conducted by
Michael Nyman
Performed by Members of the Munich Symphony Orchestra
featuring Michael Nyman on piano

Luke Confronts Jabba - Return of the Jedi 0:40
Composed and Conducted by
John Williams
Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

Damask Rose - Blade Runner 2:16
Composed and Performed by

Open - The Last Temptation of Christ 3:11
Composed and Performed by
Peter Gabriel and Lakshminarayana Shankar

Abyssinian Plain - Total Eclipse 2:59
Composed by
Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
Performed by the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Vladimir Debski
featuring Jan A.P. Kaczmarek on recorder and Fischer's Fidola
and Bogdan Liszka on oboe

The Entrapment - Alien³ 1:43
Composed by
Elliot Goldenthal
Orchestra Conducted by Jonathan Sheffer

Progeny - Gladiator 2:06
Composed by
Hans Zimmer
Performed by the Lyndhurst Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway
featuring Heitor Pereira on Guitar

Fyrine IV - Enemy Mine 1:54
Composed by
Maurice Jarre
Performed by an electronic ensemble under the direction of the composer

The Ring of Paul - Children of Dune 3:24
Composed by
Brian Tyler
Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Adam Klemens

Kurtz Chorale - Apocalypse Now 1:16
Composed by
Carmine Coppola and Francis Coppola
Performed by an electronic ensemble under the direction of the Carmine Coppola

A Man from Cholon - The Lover 1:12
Composed and Conducted by
Gabriel Yared
Featuring Steve Sehan on percussion

The Unwelcome - Dead Calm 1:18
Composed by
Graeme Revell
Performed by SPK

An Offense to the Heart - The Green Mile 1:06
Composed and Conducted by
Thomas Newman

Dark Caravan - Mountains of the Moon 3:01
Composed by
Michael Small
Performed by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Allan Wilson
featuring Tony Hajar on ney (Arabic flute)

Lovers - Liebestraum 1:42
Composed and Performed by
Mike Figgis

Lóthlórien - The Fellowship of the Ring 4:28
Composed and Conducted by
Howard Shore
Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and London Voices
Featuring “Lament for Gandalf”
Lyrics Written by Phillipa Boyens
Vocals by Elizabeth Fraser

Litany - Ulysses' Gaze 3:10
Composed by
Eleni Karaindrou
Orchestra Conducted by Lefteris Chalkiadakis
Featuring Kim Kashkashian on viola

This album represents another entry in what is rapidly becoming apparent is a sort of obsession of mine. It began with The Philosopher and continued in such mixes as the Thomas Newman Ghosts compilation and Ethereal; to try to create a transcendental listening experience using music that has a specific stillness to it. On this album, the generating concept was a bass drone, which is present in most, but not all of the tracks.

As usual, I worked very hard on the transitions, attempting to make them as unnoticeable as possible. In most cases, I feel I succeeded quite well. The prevalence of the bass drone in the included cues made it very easy. In keeping with the title of the work (which came before the assembly of tracks), most of the tracks are more about their sound than melody, although I did use more lyrical pieces from time to time to punctuate the piece. The excerpts from The Piano and The Fellowship of the Ring are examples of this. I fused two separate but adjacent cues from Dead Calm to form the one track found here, and some other tracks are shortened, but for the most part, I didn't do much to them other than mix them into the whole.

This album came together pretty quickly. I felt that it would be best if I kept the running time down to a manageable LP length, feeling that I should be able to select tracks for their intensity, which would mean that I didn't want to place too much of a burden on the listener. The overall sensation should be otherworldly, but not too distancing. I put this disc together a few days ago, and in that time, I've found that I tend to listen to this album a lot right before bed, as it leaves me feeling quite relaxed.

I also have to mention that this disc sounds real horrorshow in the DTS Neo6 surround field. The music envelops the listener, which, given the mood strived for, works beautifully.
Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Lester Swing Hits Boston!!!

From John Neder of Lester Swing:

Hello, hello, hello!!!

Christmas falls on a Saturday this year meaning half of the population is taking a vacation week that following week! You may have a destination picked and set, however, if you just planned on slackin' all week long, have we got news for YOU...

Lester Swing will be playing at O'Brien's in Boston, MA on Tuesday, December 28th. Showtime is slated for 10pm. The address is 3 Harvard Avenue (617-782-6245) in Allston (just outside Boston). It's going to be a night to remember and we'd love to see you there! Got friends or family in the Boston area??? Tell 'em L.S. is coming and that you gave them fair warning!!!

Also, Lester Swing is looking to form a street-team. For more information please go to our website (, click on the L.S. icon to access the messageboard (if you're not all means). Click on "STREET TEAM NEEDED".


Lester Swing would like to wish all of you, your families and your friends a very safe and memorable holiday...and yes, a Happy New Year. 2005 = record deals and tour-bus wheels!!! (knockin' wood)

Peace, love and all that falls between...

Spreadin' the word to all my Bostonian friends...
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