February 20th, 2005

Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Doobity Doo Wop Say What Yeah

I am at my parent's house right now, and I have found that somebody has nicked by supercomfortable sweatpants. This transgression shall not go unpunished.

Million Dollar Baby

This may only have been the print that I saw, but the Panavision photography of this film, while almost completely grainless, seemed dark and drab. One may wonder for the bulk of the film why this is so, but this color scheme works perfectly at the end.

As with any film directed by Clint Eastwood, the performances in this film are absolutely first-rate. The idea of it being an anti-sports film about boxing is a strange one, but manages to fly on the strength of that cast. Eastwood and Swank are fantastic (the latter shines in the scenes dealing with her character's white trash family) but unfortunately I personally ended the film feeling that it was somewhat lacking. There is nothing terribly wrong with the film per se, but it doesn't really ever trancend much either. Despite the superviolent boxing sequences, there is a blandness to this film that is only exacerbated by the blandness of the cinematography.

This film was a critical favorite and may be poised to win an Oscar or two, but I can't really shake the feeling that it was perhaps a bit overhyped.

Wolfram & Hart
The Series

Angel season five started out a bit rocky, but at some point the writers remembered that this was Angel after all, and so things start getting insanely fucked up again. There were some real emotional wringers the season puts one through, and I can really say that it left me feeling hollowed out. This was some harsh stuff.

A note about the supplements: they really packed a lot of commentaries on this set, and one can hear how bitter the participants were about not getting another season or two. At several points, some of the commentators hint at an Angel film, which is a prospect I think would suck. There's too much that would have to be explained for it to pay off anything from the series, and as the writers found during the course of season five, the series is at its best when it is raising its stakes on several different squicky levels at once (the only good thing a movie would bring would be the chance to hear the Angel "I'm Game" theme booming on French horns like their supposed to be, rather than electronically).

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Pigs in Space

Hungry for more, I started checking out Joss Whedon's other show, Firefly. I was a bit surprised at its premise, and was even more surprised when I started watching it and found that it was hard sci-fi meets the Western. Space bandits! Now that's entertainment!!!

I'll have more to say once I finish the sole season box set, but I wish to make special mention of the fact that Firefly is the first television series I've ever seen to convey that there is no sound in space!!! Yes!!! Every exterior shot, even if it involves a crash or an explosion, plays out in complete silence, save for the occasional music cue. May I just say how happy I am that at long last this has been done!?!