June 15th, 2005

Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

In keeping with my insistence earlier...

Movie Quote of the Week

Once Upon A Time in the West


I saw three of these dusters a short time ago, they were waiting for a train. Inside the dusters, there were three men.




Inside the men, there were three bullets.

Cheyenne looks in askance at one of his men, who shakes his head.

That's a crazy story, Harmonica, for two reasons. One, nobody around these parts got the guts to wear those dusters except Cheyenne's men. Two, Cheyenne's men don't get killed.


Well, you know music, and you can count - all the way up to two.

Cheyenne spins the magazine of his revolver.

All the way up to six if I have to...
(gesturing to Harmonica's wound)

And maybe faster than you.


May be.

Harmonica turns and goes back to playing the same eerie four notes.

Yeah, go on. Play, Harmonica. Play, so you can't bullshit.
Conan the King (Conan the Barbarian)

Man with a movie camera...?

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Well, what the hell does that mean?


• My beeper battery is dying. It makes a noise every couple of minutes, driving me up the wall. • Batman Begins has been getting phenomenal reviews, Raz and I want to see the IMAX presentation. Not sure about the whole James Newton Howard/Hans Zimmer score (the former I love, the latter I loathe), but I still want to see the movie. • We're supposed to wear steel-toe boots and long pants to work, but it's too frickin' hot for that. Besides, I work in Manhattan in Special Services, I don't need either. The boots I'm not worried about because nobody wears them, but the shorts are a bit much, I think. I have to go into work tomorrow morning for a district meeting with my foreman. That means I have to wear pants rather than just bring them with me. Damn. • I do not react well to coffee. If I'm ever with you and get the craving for it, curtail me please. You'll be happier. • I realized that I've lent my copy of Once Upon A Time in the West to Nate. I have to get it back from him post haste. What lousy timing. •

New Projects

Although my chief priority remains finishing up the third draft of Ecology with suitboyskin, I have been tapped by a former classmate of mine to assist her with a screenplay that she's working on. She's writing a piece that looks like it might be rather contraversial, and there looks like it has some substance (aspects of it are based on her own experiences).

I was also horrified — but not overly surprised — to learn about some disasterous filmmaking situations she's been involved in. As a result we talked a bit about the possibility of coming up with some short film subjects to shoot. They wouldn't have to be long or even terribly involved, but she can use them as exercizes and I can experiment a bit with them. This is good. Ripley has been sitting there for weeks. It's time she got dusted off and put back into service.

Ellen Ripley... yes, I know. Leave me alone.

I've been thinking about doing some cityscape stuff for several reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that I live in New York. There are fewer places that can yield more beauty from the right perspectives. The second is that I really love those old silent Russian experimental films that, to be frank, few people who aren't in film theory classes ever bother to see. A favorite of mine is Dziga Vertov's Man With A Movie Camera, which has, astoundingly, just been brought out on a beautiful Kino DVD with a new, extremely fitting, minimalist score by none other than Michael Nyman. This film is essentially a day in the life of Moscow, but it is also about filmmaking. I'd like to do something like that myself. It would be a great opportunity to put music to, so I get to shoot and mix. There's no bad here.

Does anybody have any other suggestions for a cheap, guerilla-style short? Nothing fancy, or even complicated, just little doodads that will be fun to watch. I'd prefer not to have to deal with dialogue, but if an idea is good, I'm game... (insert Christophe Beck's Angel theme here)

If you're interested in Man With A Movie Camera, which I think is a really fun to watch as well as being engaging as a moment captured in time (and an interesting political statement, too) it can be ordered from the Kino link above. You can read more about it here:
Rotten Tomatoes has a brief description.
Scope of Nottingham has an excellent breakdown of the film's themes by Kara L. Andersen
John DeBartolo puts the film in historical context at Silents Are Golden