July 20th, 2005

Garber (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3)

WAFDO starts out sounding a lot like WTF.

The WAFDO system, which is used by the company to generate, assign and distribute work, went down on Monday evening. It was down for most of the day yesterday as well, coming up once for a few minutes and again in the late afternoon. They managed to squeeze one job out for me on both days.

Now, you maybe wondering why the phone company doesn't have a backup system in place in case this should happen (it's not like it's the first time). In which case, you wouldn't be the only one. I guess they want to see who among us can and will savor the irony.

This is going to be a busy day. We have two days worth of tickets backed up that need to be taken care of. Guy (afternoon foreman) asked me to come in at noon instead of four, and I agreed (four hours of night differential overtime, are you crazy? Of course I'll come in at twelve!). There's going to be a lot of work out there, and being one of the "go-to" guys means that they'll probably be giving me some of the hot jobs. That said, one of the best things about the afternoon/night tour is that, with the exception of the occasional job at a Starbucks or Gristedes, most of the time the night tour jobs are in the nicer buildings, which was a nice change of pace from daily life at 30th Street, where there is a lot of bad copper.

So I'm going to be fargin' exhausted by the time I get home tonight. It may be a good day to drive in.
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All right, I'm not sure exactly how happy I am about this.

Boy am I glad I drove in today. I am already tired. A lot of that has to do with the heat, of course, which will let up a bit when the sun goes down in... oh... three hours or so. I'm hoping that the workload will have thinned out a bit by tonight. My solace: next week's paycheck is going to be suh-weeeeet.

My job today took me to an editing suite. I always feel strange whenever I go to a job where the site involves filmmaking, editing in particular. I always want to drop whatever I'm doing and start working on the project at hand. I can't, of course, and the people there would wonder exactly what a T-1 technician might or might not know about editing. I've always liked editing; one can even say that my mix-making hobby is essentially the same idea but with pre-existing music instead of film footage.

I did notice that the scene the guy was working on (he was doing sound design) had some issues with it. There was a fight scene that took place in a narrow alley. It was cut very fast, which makes sense given the action in the scene, but there didn't seem to be enough coverage of the fight. The scene kept violating the 180° rule, and the tightness of the location meant that the scene kept slipping out of context. If there had been some shots from intermediate angles other than the direct opposites, the scene would have looked fine, but as it stood, the scene looked very choppy and confusing. And it's really hard to confuse me at an editing table.

Oh, and this is hysterical.