March 7th, 2007

Goldsmith (film composer)

"Hello Cleveland!"

This really happend to Alice Cooper - NOT WORK SAFE

I had borrowed the laserdisc of This is Spinal Tap from Marty, my manager at Tower. It came with a Spinal Tap guitar pick. I never picked up the DVD when it was out, instead getting the better looking and sounding MGM release, but the original commentaries were much more interesting. I have to admit that I think supplements that take place within the world of the film, such as those on this disc and on The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, while a funny concept, don't really do much for me. I like pulling apart a film, learning about what makes it tick. Playing along, while an entertaining pursuit, ultimately doesn't really add anything to ones' appreciation of the film, especially at the expense of more interesting information about a film, especially one as iconic as This is Spinal Tap.

I've been feeling guilty as melancthe and I recently had a conversation about alterations to the orchestration of the Masada and The Thirteenth Warrior themes that are probably causing Jerry Goldsmith, Arthur Morton and Alexander Courage to all be spinning in their collective graves. Sorry, guys! It was all in fun! (ducks ectoplasm thrown at me)

After the aforementioned conversation, I then added two new tracks to the Risk mp3 CD and have updated that post and its entry on my mix list. They were, of course, both Goldsmith tracks ("Raisuli Attacks" from The Wind and the Lion - the omission of which was an oversight, as it had existed in all previous versions of the Risk mix - and "Escape from Torture," a signature cue from Rambo). And they don't have a spot of vomit on them. I swear.