March 19th, 2007

Pipe (by friend_of_frodo)


I'm a night person. Left to my own devices, I'm fairly nocturnal. Without the constraints of having to work in the morning, I will tend to wake up sometime in the early afternoon and remain awake throughout the night. In the past, I was able to do this sort of thing on weekends as well, but I'm getting too old for that sort of thing. I have now gotten into a pattern in which I usually wake up at around 7:00. Considering I'm due in at work at 8:00 (not that I'm usually there by then), this isn't very helpful (if I wake up at 6:00, which is what my alarm is set for, I'm usually fine). Unfortunately, this also means that I get a lot tired a lot earlier than I used to. Midnight is a late night for me. Hell, at times 10:00 is a late night for me. When I refer to going to bed early, that can mean 8:30 or 9:00 nowadays.

It makes me feel old.

Howie's Bar Mitzvah was a lot of fun. The reception was amazing, with a set of tables set up with different things; a raw bar with oysters, clams, crab legs and shrimp, a cheese bar with several varieties including an insane Stilton, a grilled vegetable bar (I took the roasted red peppers from here for use with my cheese and crackers), a lobster cocktail cup bar, a butcher, a sushi bar and a guy making delicious duck wraps. And then we had dinner.

I was so stuffed that I almost didn't have enough room for dessert.


Speaking of things that make me feel old, the Run-D.M.C. cover of "Walk this Way" was played at the reception. I mentioned to my brother that I was about his age when that song came out. He looked at me like I told him that I was there when John Hancock signed the Dead Sea Scrolls or something.¹

I had a chance to speak to aerolyndt yesterday, who was basking in the Hawaiian sun. I love New York, I really do. I'm just getting real tired of the damn winter.
"You show me a cow with nuts, and I'll show you a bull."

  1. This is a joke. I know damn well that I'm mixing two situations separated by thousands of years. It's like Bluto asking if it was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, okay? Just roll with it.
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