April 3rd, 2007

Williams (film composer)

"So this is planet Houston."

There is one spot on the Long Island Expressway. where the eastbound side merges with the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Heading out of Manhattan, one is often caught in traffic right there, while the westbound side zips along. The thing of it is that the sound of the cars passing by on the westbound side sounds exactly like the sound effect used for the Cylon raiders in the redux edition of Battlestar Galactica that it has a Pavlovian 'duck and cover' effect!

Aerial "Bronco Cam" shot of Interstate 495 Manhattan-bound
right after the exit 17 (Interstate 278).

Despite my criticisms of Superman II: The Donner Cut, I was very glad not only that Warner actually bothered to allow it to be prepared, but I also felt that it was great to be able to see what the shape of the original project was. Unfortunately, I also felt that, while it was part of the nature of the project, trimming back all of the Lester footage unfortunately gave the film a somewhat incomplete feel. Worse than that, however, was the inept tracking and retracking of a lot of John Williams score from the first film, often the same cues showing up repeatedly in the same scene. While I agree with the sentiment of maintaining the scope of the music from the first film instead of the thin Ken Thorne marching-band arrangements for the sequel, Jay Duerr's hack job on the music track was appalling.

While the following clip reflects the scaled-back montage in a way that I think is satirical exaggeration, I think it is pretty spot-on when it comes to the music: