April 20th, 2007

Goldsmith (film composer)


I have informed the dispatchers that should any of them ever put
another analog data line in my work again for any reason,

...any reason whatsoever...

...I would bring jihad upon them.

They will be force-fed the flesh of their children.
They will be tortured until they beg for their deaths.
And I will shave their cats.

I have completed my new single disc Jerry Goldsmith Star Trek mix (both an abridgement of the overlong Star Trek double disc in my Memorial Box Set and a companion piece to the Silver Screen Star Trek compilation), and I am pretty happy about it. Track listing and liner notes will be posted shortly.

I have not gotten enough sleep this week. Each night I have intended to go to bed early and each night I kept getting caught up in something. Tonight, however...

Funnier in concept than execution, but still worth a gander if you're seriously addicted to the game is the World Series of Uno.

Yoinked from heybishop is another Collapse )

And from my cousin on MySpace is Collapse )

HAPPY 4/20!!!