June 1st, 2007

Bud (Repo Man)

Lattice of Coincidence

I recieved my Intrada CDs yesterday; Alex North's The Devil's Brigade and Miklós Rózsa's Spellbound. I have not yet listened to them, however. The reason why is because even though I'd been eagerly awaiting these discs (the Rózsa is an Oscar-winning classic and I can't imagine how a North score for a war picture could possibly be anything but awesome), when I recieved them yesterday I was already in the middle of yet another mix. Yes, that now makes six discs in six weeks (seven if you count the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy revision, which, as I've indicated earlier, was only a very minor tweak to an existing master). I wasn't even going to bother trying to make another mix, but the evening before yesterday, an idea came into my head and I started the selection process and finished it yesterday night.

Hey, while I love bombast, there's only so much of it one can take, so it is perhaps fitting that this disc would be quite a contrast to the very long and mostly very loud projects I've been working on until now. The new disc is much shorter (running a hair under an hour), and is also a good deal quieter... I was intending to make it sort of a lighter take on the Songs of the Heavens, Grace and Connections... for the most part, it is, but it does take a somewhat more serious turn from time to time over the course of the disc.

I was debating what to call it (waystone will remember an extremely sleepy phone conversation the night before last in which I was asking for advice), but the arrival of the Intrada box drew my attention back to the work of Dr. Rózsa... the track "Redwoods" from Time After Time had already been selected for inclusion, and the pleasant title also gave me some ideas for what to do about the cover art.

This is the very scene from which my "plate of shrimp" expression comes from. I've posted this scene before, but not in video form.
Pipe (by friend_of_frodo)

She hath returned...

And she does look rather nice, I must admit. Now, I have to make an appointment to get the inspection done as early next week as possible. It is really nice to see her with her old profile again. She looks a lot younger!

I am generally a pretty lazy person, and so I have to admit that I'm finding my recent productivity to be extremely alarming. I've made a mix CD a week for the past six weeks and disassembled and reassembled another disc master. Some of this was some pretty work-intensive stuff, too. (I also read an entire detective novel series, I'm up to date on Fables and Battlestar Galactica, I'm about halfway through the original Earthsea trilogy... how is it that there are some passages of my life during which I no trouble finding time to do a lot of things I enjoy, and others where - even if there isn't much going on - I can't seem to find the time to do anything?) Well, I'm taking advantage of the inspirations when they come; Nature Finds a Way, Watch the Skies and Redwoods (Entry Coming Soon) were all ideas that just popped into my head from nowhere. Once I had the idea, I built the discs very carefully, but the genesis of all three of them was a complete surprise to me.

I'm quite glad that I am, though, as the discs I've been making have been quite fun to listen to. A particular surprise was the Nature Finds a Way, which is a disc that I return to much more often than I was expecting to. I have to admit, though, the disc of late that I've been listening to the most is the revised Star Wars original trilogy mix, which I revised for my own reasons, completely forgetting the 30th Anniversary; but that 30th Anniversary fandom blitz has really put me in the mood to listen to it.

Mr. Williams' music still does it for me. But for now I'm going to be spending a bit of time with my boyz Mr. North and Dr. Rózsa...