June 9th, 2007

Milo (Bloom County)

Quiet Workday

I had one job this morning that I didn't have to go to, and there's no other work out there, so I went to Central Park and sat under a tree, read The Farthest Shore and puttered about online (I love the aircard) for most of the day.

What beautiful weather. I'm glad I didn't have to waste it by being in a hot, stinky basement!
Darth Vader (Back to the Future)

Vader Sessions revisited

I didn't make a mix this week. I wasn't expecting to, but then again, I also wasn't expecting to make Redwoods, a project I am most pleased with since I completed it last week. I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed. I guess in the back of my mind somewhere I was hoping for some sudden spark or something like I had last week. I did have one idea that I think I am definitely going to pursue... something subtitled "The Epic Film Scores of Alex North" could contain music from Spartacus, Cleopatra, Dragonslayer, Desirée and several more... but I don't have all the scores I would need to make the mix just as yet (namely The Shoes of the Fisherman, which I ought to order before it disappears anyway), so that one is on hold... as is the King Kong disc (although that latter project is also being stalled because of the rumors coming from fairly reliable sources that Howard Shore's rejected score for the Peter Jackson version might get released).

Russ (green) and Brad (red) face-off in Africa
What you don't see is Nate cackling maniacally having engineered
Russ' aggression through a Machiavellian string of insinuendos.
Once Russ expends massive amounts of force against Brad,
Nate plans to swoop in and take Brad's cards, then attack Russ.
Trust me. I've seen it happen often.

I am, however, looking forward to tomorrow, as at long last we are finally going to be able to play Risk. While I have been providing musical accompaniment to the game for over a decade now, this session will also be the premiere of the Risk mp3 CD. Some of these pieces had appeared on the previous tape, minidisc and CD incarnations of the project, but the capacity of an mp3 CD allows for an unprecedented amount of music, which means a lot of it will be new to many of the players (though not Russ, who has heard some of the new stuff from being in my car).

I have also printed out new copies from the scans I made several months ago of the Ultimate Risk Set cartoon cards and retired the original set. I even printed out "The Golden Hand of Wisdom" even though none of us can remember what the hell that one was originally created for or have any idea what it might be used for in the future. "Big Hurt" had already suffered some damage, but overall I think I caught some of the older ones before they were lost. They're in a safe place. We've got top men working on it right now. Top. Men.

I've posted this before a long time ago. Here it is again, just because it really is that funny:


Now this is something that would be funny just because of how spot-on it is, but it will probably end up being prophetic more than anything else...

I have been invited to do several different things with many different people tonight. I was very open to doing several of them when they were brought up yesterday but my day was primarily solitary, and I am thinking that I'm not too fond of the idea of going out right now. Which is a shame, because I would have had a good time if I was in the mood to go, but I am in a very detached headspace right now, which, even if it doesn't necessarily make me bad company, it nevertheless makes me feel very self conscious about my behavior.