June 17th, 2007

Buddy (Six-String Samurai)

I'm too damn cynical to be considered a Good Samaritan

Last night, I met Russ and Jess for drinks in Manhattan; we were met by several other people and were having a rather good time. Russ and I went out to get a dirty water hot dog from the guy at the corner. (we were hungry, it was late). Russ was talking to many passers-by, as he is wont to do, one of whom was a very confused looking girl named Julie. It turns out that she had just lost her phone in the club she was in, and was nervously trying to get back home. She was very young - she had only just turned 21 - and was from Cleveland and staying with a friend in New York for the summer. She joined us for a beer, and eventually when we were leaving, since I was giving Russ and Jess a ride back across town, I offered to take her to the apartment she was staying at. Upon arrival at the building, she found that she had also lost her keys, and her roommate wasn't due back from Connecticut until tonight.

She ended up crashing on my couch, and this morning she called a friend of hers who is a student at N.Y.U. whom could stay with until her roommate came back into town, so everything worked out. However, on her fifth day in the city, she had already lost her phone and her keys. She also wasn't too worried about the prospect of sleeping in Central Park, which demonstrates a rather naïve outlook.

Actually, the aspect of this I find most disturbing was how trusting Julie was, how readily she accepted help from Russ and myself, how the idea of crashing on my couch didn't raise any alarms with her. Of course I never would have taken advantage of her; she made it through the night without incident and I left her in the care of her friends, but replace me in that equation with somebody a little more unscrupulous... I could have done almost anything with her. I mean, she had left the club hours before without her phone, and her friends would have no idea where she was. All's well that ends well, I suppose, but she sort of struck a kid sister vibe, so I'm rather worried that she's just way too trusting to be on her own yet, certainly not in Manhattan.