July 18th, 2007

Igor (Young Frankenstein)

And now for a humorous interlude...

I have to admit, while I generally do not go around murdering people for sport (although some of my cannibalism humor clearly wigged out Donna at Fridays yesterday), I have to say that I often share a certain horrified disgust with that which mainstream society considers 'wholesome' with the Addams'.

I have some form of training at 1:00 PM today. I'm assuming that we are beginning orientation on the new specially outfitted Blackberries that will replace most of the functions of the laptop. It seems more and more apparent that I probably will not be getting my work laptop back, which makes the move to buy this one seem much more prudent.

Copies of Alex North's Les Misérables shipped Monday. I am most eager to finally get it and finish off my Alex North epic compilation. The 'finished' copy that I made several weeks ago is currently perched upon my printer mocking me. I will have to eventually go through that material and whittle it down to make room for music from Les Misérables, but, having had a chance to review the mix I had already made, I have a good idea where to start.
Stryker (X-Men)


Yesterday I mentioned that I had what I expected to be a class in the use of the Blackberries we will be receiving soon. I was correct in my assumption, but my manager switched my spot with that of another tech, which meant I was expected there in the morning, not the afternoon. So I went to the office and got set up for the class, which was on the computer.

What it turned out to be was an online version of the instruction manual. This sounds ingenious, as they could include multimedia, right? Except that the course is based on you having the Blackberry in front of you and being able to operate it. Like any other piece of equipment, it is motor learning, which is procedural memory; you have to do it to get it. Reading about it is useless. So, rather than waste my time, I informed my managers that I had a due date in my work that I had to get to and stormed out.
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