July 19th, 2007

McCroskey (Airplane!)

This was written yesterday at the work terminal, but saved and posted this morning...

As it turns out, the managers completely agreed with my point that BlackBerry training without the BlackBerries (apparently the CamelCase is accurate) was putting the cart before the horse. The irony of the whole thing is that the course is actually very well designed... but it is well designed around having the BlackBerry on you (some of the course direct you to do things with it), which we won't for several weeks.

I am currently torn between napping on my commute home or reading more of Half Blood Prince. My problem with the latter is that I am now almost halfway through the book, I have to slow down if I'm going to stretch it out for two more days, when Deathly Hallows will show up at my door; I'd like to be able to proceed seamlessly from one book to the other as I have for the first six.

I am aware that the rate at which I read will put many others at a disadvantage; I will be placing any reflections and whatnot behind clearly labelled cuts as so to keep from spoiling it for anybody else. I personally loathe spoilers, so I've been very cautious online these past few weeks. I do have to say that the self-imposed Harry Potter embargo which I placed upon myself several months ago has really paid off. It kept me from being burned out too quickly on the whole mess, and so re-reading the books in preparation for the last one has been most enjoyable; this is, after all, the last time that I'll be reading the series not knowing how it turns out.

T'was a foul morning. It wasn't raining cats and dogs so much as panthers and wolves with thyroid conditions. Much of my outburst this morning stemmed from how uncomfortable I was with my shoes and socks completely soaked through.