August 19th, 2007

Wile E. Coyote

Short Update

This was a fulfilling weekend!

In addition to having gotten a few errands I'd been procrastinating finally done, I also managed to make some headway with the restructuring of the Alex North epic mix, not to mention finishing off I, Claudius and catching three extremely fun movies, Stardust, Death at a Funeral and Married to the Mob (the latter obviously not a new film, but I'd never seen it before). I'll have more to say about them later, but I just wanted to mention that as Frank Oz's Death at a Funeral isn't a wide release (Raz and I caught it at the local art film theatre*), but it is worth seeking out. It is a slow boil comedy that ends up being absolutely hysterical.

Alan Tudyk waits out costume designer Natalie Ward's
contract negotiations on the set of Death at a Funeral.

I also ended up catching up on a lot of the music that working on Riding as One distracted me from - I've noticed a tendency when working on these past two composer mixes that when I'm not listening to scores I'm going to include, I still tend to listen to music by that composer. As a result, while working on the North mix the first time around, I was also listening to The Devil's Brigade, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Dead and others, and while working on the Broughton western mix I'd been also listening to Lost in Space, Young Sherlock Holmes, Harry and the Hendersons (which I have on cassette) and others... Master of Ballantrae came just as I completed the Broughton mix, but it sort of rode in on its coattails.

* A movie plays in a theater. An art film plays in a theatre.

I also have to thank Raz for mentioning to me this rather useful video which shows one way to stop a cat fight:


Attention melancthe: One semicolon was eliminated over the course of editing this article. Total tally since yesterday: 2.