August 20th, 2007

McCroskey (Airplane!)

שלום עליכם

I posted this as a movie moment before YouTube. I think anybody will agree that it works much better when you can see and hear it.

JUST BARELY WORK SAFE - Comic Sensuality

The superb - nay, supreme - release of The Wind and the Lion has, for some reason, been accompanied by a resurge of my own interest in hearing The Ghost and the Darkness, which I had recently rediscovered. I have to admit with embarrassment that I never actually owned the CD, I downloaded it. The album was released concurrent with the film while I worked at Tower and it just wasn't in the computer. I'm serious; I even plugged in the serial number which didn't come up at all. It wasn't ambiguous, it was a major label - it just wasn't in there. Other things came and went, and I just never got the CD. I've seen it go for quite a bit of money on eBay, but I found one that was, while expensive, but not quite as bad as what I'd heard it went for... maybe twice the original price, which is decent for disc as rare as this one is supposed to be.

It doesn't matter. I popped the disc into the player and played the CD. That Irish/British Colonial/African main theme started, sounding so clear... and than the beat kicked in and it boomed out loud. Having that expansive lion theme just fill up my bedroom was awesome. There are just some sonic dimensions that no mp3 can reproduce, and it is great to have this powerful music sounding so... well... powerful.

A bit more than I would have liked to have spent... but worth every penny.

Attention melancthe: One semicolon was edited out of this post. That brings the total to three since Saturday.