August 28th, 2007

Clouseau (Pink Panther)

LiveJournal auto-post

EDIT: I saw the "auto-post" feature and tried it out. It gave me an error message, and nothing changed on my recent posts page. So I pushed the button again. And again. And they all came out a few hours later (thanks for warning me, aerolyndt) in various states of randomness, depending on the setting I had entered it as. This was the only one that wasn't garbled beyond all recognition (although all the formatting was lost).

Anyway, it was worth a try, but it's just a feature doubt I'll ever use again.

Here it is, folks. The moment that scarred a generation. The tale that curled the hair of millions. The intense power of storytelling is perfectly illustrated in this chilling clip:

...but don't be surprised if the co-worker to your right realizes
what you're watching and wets themselves in sheer TERROR!!!