September 3rd, 2007

Bud (Repo Man)

Hair Peace

Damn my hair. It has grown long and bold enough to begin violating the laws of physics again. When I come out of the shower, my wet hair looks very similar to this:

Naturally I want to do something about this. I have been getting annoyingly persistent suggestions from my co-workers that I should just shave my head, a prospect I am not very keen on - it just seems like it would too much of a hard look for a hippie like me, even a balding one. And I still can't get the skinheads out of my head from when I was growing up in the 80s (not that I ever actually dealt with them personally, thankfully). Of course, some of my co-workers pointed out that I wouldn't come across as a racist because of my Jewish ancestry, socially progressive views and because I routinely hang out with persons of color. This all may be true, but I still can't shake the association.*

* This does not, incidentally, extend towards the thousands of people I have come to know since the 80s who shave their heads. I don't necessarily see Jason Statham as a racist, for example, and not just because he could kick my ass six ways to Sunday.

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