September 7th, 2007

Darth Vader (Back to the Future)


I have been issued my company Blackberry and am currently working on the training program for the device.

Between this, my cell phone, my work pager, my Bluetooth and my wireless router at home, I'll be interested to see if I can make it through this weekend without glowing in the dark.

Russ and Jess took me out for sushi last night and then we went to see The French Connection in a brand spanking new 35 millimeter print. It looked frankly amazing, the only grain visible being in shots with opticals (in this case, credits), which makes me wonder if Fox isn't going to reissue the film as a new DVD. It also sounded like they did something with the sound as well, although I have to admit that I only briefly sampled the stereo track that Fox provided on the DVD, preferring (as usual) the original mono mix.

Composer/Arranger/Conductor DON ELLIS

Hearing what of Don Ellis' score was used in the film made me once again consider the eventual revision that will be done on my Urban Danger: Cityscapes of Violence compilation. Lalo Schifrin's label Aleph has been reissuing the Dirty Harry scores (including Jerry Fielding's outstanding work for The Enforcer), and once Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool are released, I plan to make a dedicated Dirty Harry mix (which is going to rock) and redo Urban Danger to eliminate the Dirty Harry music and add on material from Ellis' own The Seven-Ups (and possibly a piece from Johnny Mandel's unused score for the same) and a few other 70s urban thrillers that have been released since I originally made that compilation. This is not to say that I am disatisfied with Urban Danger in the least, but I'd rather not have overlap with the eventual Dirty Harry mix, and there is a lot of genre-appropriate music now available that wasn't then.