September 24th, 2007

Purple Snorklewacker (Bloom County)

Missing Time

I snoozed my alarm clock and woke up two hours later. I must have hit the wrong button. Or been abducted by space aliens, but not only do I think that they only rarely do so in urban areas at 6:00 AM, but I also don't feel the aftereffects of the anal probe.

I am going to be super-late for work. And mass transit is going to be a fargin' mess with all of the U.N. crap going on.

It's like a Monday, but squared...
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    David Arnold: Myth, Faith, Belief
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Robin Hood (Adventures of Robin Hood)

Never On Monday

Monday apologized by coming on so strong. I had a repair in a place I know like the back of my hand and an installation that the customer isn't ready for. So I'm basically done for the day.

Composer David Arnold

The David Arnold mix is finished. One of the things I do when preparing a mix consisting of a limited amount of scores (such as a trilogy mix or something similar) is to put together a toolbox for each included score. This consists of little pieces of the scores that I can use as stingers or punctuation to more smoothly dovetail tracks together; it's amazing what a simple snare drum roll can do for an awkward transition. I need to do this separately for each project because of the differences in sonic properties each recording has (the only piece that is universal is the three seconds worth of silence - stretchable in the program - that I use to create different fades).

It can, however, be a bit disturbing if I'm playing one of these discs for somebody else and realize that it was an earlier saved version of the mix than the final, polished one. The music might be playing along just fine until you get to where I was still working, and suddenly tracks are colliding into one another because I haven't fine-tuned them, or bits and pieces of the toolbox that I had left lying around on the timeline. The analogy I came up with for the latter is that it is the mix CD version of a surgeon leaving a scalpel in the patient.

There's a really cool Howard Shore interview in which he discusses his entire career, including the Saturday Night Live years, his relationship with David Cronenberg and his work on Eastern Promises at Blog Talk Radio. He mentions Doug!