November 12th, 2007

Gurney (Dune)

Replicants, Gangsters, iPods and Razors

I have written a semi-new review of Blade Runner: The Final Cut and one for American Gangster for Dan; they will be posted here once they appear on Charged by the System.

The iPod is working out much better than I was expecting it to. While it's glitzier than I generally like, I have to admit that the new graphic interface system is a lot of fun. Hopefully in the next firmware upgrade they'll group albums under the "Album Artist" field instead of "Artist" (I have found I am not the only person to have expressed interest in this feature). Otherwise, I have been putting quite a lot of music onto the iPod, which also meant that I ended up realizing between the laptop crash a few months ago and the death of Artoo, how much I actually lost. I have spent most of the weekend loading it up and the 160 gb hard drive is still cavernous!

I need to name it. Any suggestions?

I am going to one of the advance screenings of Battlestar Galactica: Razor tonight. I had completely forgotten that I had reserved a space, but Saadia e-mailed me this morning with a reminder. I'm quite excited... mostly because for once I'll be ahead of jailnurse with respect to Battlestar Galactica stuff.