December 6th, 2007

Inigo (The Princess Bride)

Of Holes and Things

For those of you who use ripping software that accesses the Freedb for the CD information, you might have noticed the standard accesses aren't working. I use CDex, which will either access the Freedb or MusicBrainz; the MusicBrainz still worked, but, of course, there ain't nothing but pop on MusicBrainz (except for the score for Glory, which came up just fine). The solution is to amend your CDDB address to "" and whatever program you're using should work just fine.

AIM has been crashing on the laptop for some reason. It works just fine on the desktop... I wonder if it is a Vista thing.

The case doesn't meet on Fridays, so I will be going to work as I normally would tomorrow. Oh joy.

Of course, while I can't discuss the case, I can direct your attention to this relevant scene from Kentucky Fried Movie:

MOSTLY WORK SAFE - Penal Code Humor