December 29th, 2007

Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon)

"What are you doing tonight?" "Mourning... maybe watch some TV."

One of the gifts I got for Christmas was a gift card for the iTunes store, which, of course, I rarely use. Nevertheless, I figured I'd pick up a few iTunes exclusives with it, so I downloaded Elmer Bernstein's delightful The Black Cauldron and the "2 disc" edition of Casino Royale so that I'd have the additional music only available on iTunes for the complete score. I also downloaded the single of "You Know My Name," Chris Cornell's title song (exclusion from the album is unfortunate, as the score uses the song to excellent advantage, evolving its elements into the John Barry's Monty Norman's familiar James Bond theme).

I (of course) meant to place the song after the opening "License: 2 Kills" cue (I restructured the entire playlist to put the tracks in film order), but for some reason it wouldn't come up that way on the iPod that way... it always stuck the Cornell song at the end. In going through all the available tags, I realized that the only distinction was that the "Album Artist," "Arnold, David" for the rest of the tracks, was blank for the Cornell song. Once I filled Arnold's name in there, it worked.

So... if the iPod does recognize that the "Album Artist" tag is there, why aren't they using it more extensively?

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