December 31st, 2007

Stryker (X-Men)


An end-of-year meme yoinked once again from hadara:
Go back and write the first sentence from the first LiveJournal entry you wrote each month:
  • January - A friend of mine is putting together a flash animation piece."

  • February - Chocolate apparently has 97% appeal.

  • March - Great. Perfect fucking timing.

  • April - It is no secret that I find my grandmother infuriating.

  • May - These are two sequences culled from fan copies of the workprint of Nicholas Meyer's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan edited into the final film.

  • June - I recieved my Intrada CDs yesterday; Alex North's The Devil's Brigade and Miklós Rózsa's Spellbound.

  • July - I want to thank everybody for their messages.

  • August - I have been working on the various mix projects I have going on at the moment, one of which is the Bruce Broughton western mix.

  • September - Damn my hair.

  • October - Since the cat is out of the bag anyway... congratulations janetweiss69 and suitboyskin!!!!!!!!!

  • November - [Bereft of music] ...despite the irony that I was up late last night putting tracks together for my upcoming compilation, which will complete the "space" trilogy I've been working on with Space Opera and Space Invaders.

  • December - Okay... even if I didn't already think that this iPod was a significant improvement in all other departments from my previous one, the interface with the car stereo would eclipse any of that. It's all here as neat as I make it... and I'm pretty OCD when it comes to tagging.
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