April 7th, 2008

Altman (filmmaker)

I spent all day yesterday looking for this...


Dan came by yesterday; he had a proposition for me with respect to The Early Mixes. With some cooperation with the right people, we might be able to expand the visual scope of the project without adding too much to the budget. This will add a certain amount of verisimilitude (no narrative movie really exists in our own world, but it has to be internally consistent), and also solve a certain problem that we didn't notice until somebody else had read the script. It is basically a cheap means of expanding production value, and I'm all for that!

I was then inspired to go back to one of my main cinematic inspirations, the late, great Robert Altman. Last night, I watched M*A*S*H, my introduction to the controlled chaos of the filmmaker's work and a perennial favorite of mine. What shocked me this time around is how incredibly influential the film is, not the style but the nature of the humor. Hell, the American Pie people made an entire series of movies based on the sequence that determines whether or not Hot Lips is a natural blonde.