April 15th, 2008

Chorus (Henry V)

Music to wash one's dishes to.

This genesis of this project was a conversation with melancthe, in which she mentioned that listening to "Building the Crate" from Chicken Run was one of the few things that could cut through the tedium of washing dishes. It occurred to me that there are several cues I could think of offhand that had that same sort of "can do" aspect to them. In fact, this was a case where most of the contents of the album were decided within a few moments of its conception, although not necessarily the playing order, which took a bit of time to come together. Once it did, however, it became airtight.

The working title for the disc was "Can Do!" but I never really warmed to the idea of actually calling it that. The final title, Excelsior!, was derived from "Onward!" a suggestion of ehowton's; that term is also New York's state motto, so it is also something of an homage thereof as well.

This is a lengthy disc but it seems to pass rather quickly because of the tone, which is maintained by a combination of jaunty melodies and propulsive rhythms. Creating sequences in the music became very important as so to have the music flow easily while avoiding having too many similar tracks abut one another. It also became an interesting question with regards to the finale of the disc; I had to choose pieces which would be cathartic while still fitting the overall mission statement of the album. The end result manages to have moments of both intensity and whimsy, but the overarching sense is one of optimism.

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That was some damn gorgeous weather today.