June 27th, 2008

Egon (Ghostbusters)


Nine years ago, I was in I & R training, that is basic "Installation and Repair" that all field techs need to take. Our instructor, Ed Johnson, informed us that we were recruited for "Specials." We didn't know at the time what that meant, only that it sounded somewhat cool. So I drew a picture of a prospective movie that might feature "Specials."

I just recently found the picture in a box of old things my grandmother was getting rid of. In one of those plate of shrimp moments, suitboyskin attempted to reach me during Raz and my Marvel double feature, and left a message asking about Special Services. "Does that mean that you're, like, the elite commando phone company force? Do you get to make other phone company people disappear?" Between that and a recent request from dollyknuckles to post more of my artwork, I decided to scan and post this:

This picture was drawn during training before any of us had been on the job, or even knew what Special Services entailed. That's the reason why it says "coming to fix your phones this summer" when the whole point of Special Services is that we deal with circuits that are not dial tones, such as T-1s, digitals (for lotto lines and, until decimalization was implemented, tickers) and automatic ringdowns. It is rather chuckle-inducing that the figure in the picture is wearing goggles, for example, which in reality nobody wears in the field for practical reasons. And, of course, when I was hired, the company was Bell Atlantic, not Verizon...

The "Opens Wednesday" was because that would have been our first actual day of work... May 19, 1999. That was the day The Phantom Menace opened... no, I didn't blow off work, but I saw a 3:00 AM showing at the Ziegfield before my first day of work.
Gracchus (Spartacus)

"You've grown very ambitious in your hatred."

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I showed Andre my co-worker the Bell Atlantic Specials poster picture, who thought it was hysterical. He suggested that I do a follow-up; that's what I thought Special Services was going to be like beforehand, now I should draw the reality. While The B Files certainly covered some of the politics, I have to admit that the day-to-day experience actually resembles more the Waiting for the Next Drink picture I had drawn years before I got this job.

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