July 17th, 2008

Hitchcock (filmmaker)


This is it. I've ordered the camera (along with a mini-tripod and an extended life battery) for overnight delivery.

Of all of the high def camcorders out there, this is the one that looked the best when I checked them out and had the most advantages. The interface is very easy as the 3.2-inch LCD viewer is a touchscreen, and there are manual focusing controls. The greatest benefit, however, is the 120 GB hard drive, which means quite a lot less stress with respect to shooting (no spending money on tapes, which run out at the most inopportune moments anyway) and storage (you can only label so much on a tape) and importing (always a bitch on DV).

So... now I need to call it something.
Poll #1225033 Camera Name

What should I name my new camera?

"Vera" after Jayne Cobb's Callahan fullbore autolock on 'Firefly.'
"Wynona" after Cricton's pulse pistol on 'Farscape.'
"Painless" after Blaine's mini-gun in 'Predator.'
"Buntline Special" after Wyatt Earp's Colt Peacemaker.
"Noisy Cricket" after J's weapon in 'Men in Black.'
These names are all too damn violent!

Raz is coming by tonight, we're going to watch Batman Begins this evening and then go see The Dark Knight at midnight.