December 19th, 2008

Bones (Star Trek)


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My iPod is a mess right now.

As part of my organization effort therein I have been using the "sort" fields to retag everything so that the artist/composer/album artist name reads first then last, but it still indexes as last then first (for example, Carter Burwell appears on the screen as "Carter Burwell" but is filed under "Burwell, Carter"). It's mostly just busy work, going artist by artist, although there are some knotty areas from time to time.

The problem is that this is a massive task. There are a lot of names that need to be gone through, and until I've finished, I'll have double names and whatnot coming up on the menus when I browse. The results, however, are worth it, as both the menus and playback screens look much cleaner without the commas.

While I have tended to have a fairly intensive relationship with any of my portable music devices from my first Walkman through the various tape, CD, mp3 CD and now hard disc players, between the sheer amount of music and the ability to play the iPod through my car stereo, iRobby in particular has become even important than usual. When I go on road trips, it is unnecessary now for me to prepare CDs and mp3 CDs in advance; that material is already on the iPod (and not only gapless, but editable in case I notice a tagging or programming error to boot). It has become quite a focal point of attention for me.