July 12th, 2010

Vic Androzzi (Shaft)

An embarrassment of ditches…

…and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street…

Greetings, programs!

  • The first experiment with the George Foreman grill was rather a success. I made a rub out of peppers and other spices and grilled a chicken breast, which I served myself with a roasted sweet red pepper on top, a (light) Caesar salad on the side and a glass (or three) of rioja. T'was extremely satisfying. I'm going to try some fish next.

  • In my previous entry, I mentioned that while the summer is indeed hot, my experience with it is much milder than most because of my weight loss. While this would seem something of an advantage, it is actually rather confusing. While I'm pretty good about knowing whether or not I need to be hydrated, I am not used to gauging how hot it actually is in this physical state.

  • This weekend I helped jailnurse pull the rest of his broken ceiling down so it can be replaced (as usual with such projects, the actual work that needed to be done was easy, while the preparation and clean-up were completely grueling). Because Tim wanted an early start, he asked that I come down the night before.

    I woke up in his basement guest room, and in that weird half-conscious state that occurs during that period, I only realized that I was in a basement and had a weird panic that everything that had occurred over the past month and a half had only been a dream. An irrational reaction to be sure, but then again, I was halfway in a dream state. It was quite relieving to realize where I was and why I was there.

    I didn't realize how much of a psychological weight the old apartment had been on me until I got free of it.