July 24th, 2010

Stroud (Carnivàle)

"Ayeh Mavis, how much is this can of Instant Sex?"

  1. In a refreshing case of somebody waking up and smelling what they were shoveling, the producers of the new Hawaii Five-O series have abandoned their tragically hip modernization of Morton Stevens' iconic tune for the original series in favor of a muscular orchestral version arranged and conducted by Brian Tyler that features many of the session musicians that worked on the original. There's no way around it, this is a theme that needs brass, and I'm glad to hear it's being done justice in the reboot:

    Lukas Kendall announced that Film Score Monthly has remastered Steven's original album recording, and will be releasing it on CD as soon as they're finished with it.

  2. I had previously mentioned how my iPod is periodically resetting itself. The problem has gotten worse; formerly it only manifested itself when I stopped the iPod and started it again, now it has started to happen while I'm listening to it. I'm currently performing a full restore on it in the hopes that this might limit the problem, but I'm starting to think now that it might be battery-related. If it is, I may have to take it to an Apple store. This unit is less than a year old (the model premiered in October, I bought mine that very month out of necessity).

  3. This is exactly as I saw it when Raz showed it to me on VHS many moons ago. When I say exactly, I mean with the same inappropriate Night Flight commentary opening and closing it (par for the course for one of Raz's tapes; all of his audio cassettes had songs that started in progress and had the disc jockey drawling over the end). I don't think I'd seen this in something damn near twenty years: