November 1st, 2010

Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon)

The Hand of Ming

happy birthday

  • My stepdad is home and feeling fine.

  • The fish store by my apartment had some beautiful fresh shrimp on Friday, so I picked them up with a few shallots and improvised shrimp scampi for myself. I didn't really have much of a kitchen in the old apartment, and creating something like this which required a lot of counterspace would have been very difficult. The thing of it is, as much of a pain in the butt peeling and de-veining shrimp is, it's worth it for the freshness and flavor I managed to achieve.

    I really like cooking. It's nice to have the smell of real food in my apartment.

  • I haven't dressed up for Hallowe'en for years. It's not that I haven't wanted to, it's that my ideas were always too ambitious to be done in a reasonable time-frame. This year, I decided that I would start planning the costume early, and I brought in some help. I managed to complete the costume on Saturday and went with Russ and Jess to the Hallowe'en Parade in the Village. It was great fun, and the costume itself was quite a hit. Judge for yourself:

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